To Freelance or not to Freelance?

· Freelance Marketplace

New technologies, digitization and the World Wide Web, have brought major changes not only in people’s life but also to the way we do business. They have changed people’s behavior, needs, desires and habits not only as individuals but also as consumers, pushing business to adjust and drawing a new business canvas.

The adaption of the internet and new digital technologies in many business practices, has changed the way businesses work. A great example is the changes in the human resources process of recruiting new employees, where the attraction, evaluation and selection of potential recruits have become faster, cheaper and certainly more efficient.

Many marketplaces connecting small businesses and freelancers have emerged in the last decade all over the world and they seem to be empowered by the difficult economic landscape and the liberalization of global marketplace.

All the freelance marketplaces provide a trusted environment where employers can post jobs and freelancers can bid on them, offering their services enabling a new efficient way for business to hire employees and for freelancers to find jobs.

An issue that concerns almost all freelance bidding marketplaces is that the quality of jobs are sometimes disappointing causing major complaints from both clients(employers) and freelancers.
The freelancers are unsatisfied because their wages are low due to increasing competition from low quality providers. This drives the good, ranked freelancers away to other avenues which coincides to clients leaving the service and following or trying to find quality freelancer to do business with.  As a result, the serious buyers look elsewhere. Thus what is left is a deteriorating marketplace. This is particularly stark in oDesk but present very well in Elance.
Surprisingly, this hasn’t yet happened with PeoplePerHour. The wages are decent and appropriate for the skills required for the jobs. I am not sure how they pulled it off and if this can be sustainable. Only time will tell. As of this moment, however, if you are a quality freelancer, this is certainly a site to check out. In addition, if you are a employer looking for some good quality freelancers, it is definitely worth taking a look.
To conclude: There are a lot to say about this relatively new way of conducting business. Some judge it saying it is a waste of time some are highly enthusiastic, saying they have made a career out of it. The only certain thing out freelance bidding sites is that they provide a great opportunity for both businesses and freelancers, to adopt a new, more efficient and more productive way to do their jobs. No one will tell you that it is a piece of cake but no one can either deny that  it is an opportunity you can’t look away from. So, my point of view is, if you are in the freelancing business either as a freelancer or as an employer of one, make some time and work with one of these sites.

The freelance marketplaces might not work for you, but ask yourselves this. What if they do?


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