5 things destroying your creativity and how to overcome them

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Multi-tasking and various distractions

Apart from few exceptions, no man can do many different things at the same time really effectively. It is terribly difficult (nearly impossible) to concentrate on one project as well as attempting to answer e-mails, answer the phone ringing like crazy or speak with anyone around you.

The solution is one: get blocked from any outside distractions (turn off the phone, e-mail, Skype etc), ask people residing in the same room with you to be silent or at least not to be talking to you and just keep doing your job.

Lack of sleep

A big benefit of being a freelancer, is the fact that you can “go” to work the hours you want. With so much freedom in times of increased demand, your main risk would be severe lack of sleep, which could terribly reduce the performance of a man, not to mention that it can cause health problems.

Take the decision that the job will still be there tomorrow. After a good sleep, your mind will work tremendously better than the night before, making you more productive, and therefore your job will be done much faster.

Economic insecurity

We all know very well that economic insecurity is detrimental to mental health, creativity, etc. In the times we live, you should be very careful with your spending, also consider reducing spending to the minimum so that you can create a “safety cushion” in your account.

A good way to do this is to get income from multiple sources.

Fear of rejection (and the rejection itself)

It happens to all of us. Being afraid of rejection is among the most common problems a worker and not only a worker can have. Unable to satisfy all your clients during your career (not necessary that you did a mistake), sooner or later will come the rejection. Take your decision!

But do not let yourself down. Do not let feelings like this make you sad. On the contrary, find what you’ve done wrong. As mentioned above, it is essential that you have done something wrong (the customer can simply be overreacting), so just forget it and move on to the next project. If indeed you have done something wrong, either get stubborn fix it or make sure not to repeat it. Anything else than melancholy and start watching YouTube videos in order to forget!

Pressure and deadlines

If not properly managed, the tight deadlines can prove disastrous. Do not procrastinate. Start as soon as you can and you will thank me in the end..


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