5 ways to find customers quickly

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There are times when you need money immediately, but the projects are not showing up. As we know, in order for you to avoid such situations it is good to get income from multiple sources, but this is not always easy. Despair and anxiety is not a good advisor, so let’s look at five (5) ways that are highly likely to help you find new projects quickly:

Contact acquaintances, friends and family

Contact them, not to work for them, but for them to inform their own acquaintances, friends, etc for you and your services. If you have a large family/friend circle, it is very likely that your name can reach someone who needs your services directly.

Be cautious, you do not need to tell them how frantically you are looking for new projects, showing yourself as desperate job seeker (regardless that you may be).

Contact your former clients

Should they have been pleased by your services, ask them if they need your services again, or if there is anyone they know who will likely need you. You do not lose anything except for a few minutes of your time. The worst case is that you hear some “no”!

Use a freelancing site

You can try your luck at freelancing sites like http://www.peopleperhour.com. I will give you more information on these sites in future articles, but until then you can find some information on www.peopleperhour.com or their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/peopleperhour .

Announce that you are looking for new projects

Announce that you are looking for new projects at any of the media which you can access. Whether this is a blog, or if this is a social network that you are active, or another community (eg a forum). If you have a good name in this medium and strong portfolio, chances are you will have some suggestions very soon.

Offer a discount

As a last resort, you could combine the above proposals with a discount for those who prefer you directly. Generally the discount is not what is best for a freelancer, but if you are in need it is likely that it will attract customers.

Our proposal is the discount to be real but not humiliating, to be valid for a certain number of customers (those who you can afford depending on your services) and valid till a particular date (a short one from the start of the discount). Another idea is to be dedicated to members of a particular group, eg users of a forum you participate in, users of http://www.peopleperhour.com etc..

What are YOU doing?

What are your tactics to find direct clients?


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