How Deadlines Can Make You More Productive

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To begin with i would like to talk about how time pressure can help us become more efficient. The logic behind a brief but productive workday is based on the psychology of time or else the idea of the deadline. Deadlines help us focus on the most important parts of a project. When we are under time pressure to complete a project we don’t have time to deal with complicated details. We try to focus on more crucial issues and on those things only.  In other words, deadlines sometimes help us more increase our productivity and be more efficient and effective.
Deadlines can help us resist things that distract our mind. We have no time to deal with the things or discussions (see social networks, etc.) other than the project we work on, so the only choice is to concentrate on your work alone! Also, the time to send signals to our body produces adrenaline, a hormone that boosts the nervous system and helps us to be in tension so that we have all the required energy to complete our project.

Finally, the time deficiency helps us overtake the fact that many times we want to be perfectionists.If we have a lot of time is most likely to try and be perfect in our work which leads us to procrastinate focusing on minor details. Instead, if you do not have much time to gather all your forces to do the best you can within a short time.

Some suggestions to use deadlines to your advantage are:

Create your own deadlines
Chances are that your clients don’t give you the time than you need to finish the work.To be able to deliver your job on time, divide your work into small parts and put personal deadlines for each, so as you can deliver your work on time. Make sure you can deliver before the deadline given to you by the customer before you take the job. That way, even if something unexpected happens you will have time to work on the project so as not to miss your deadline.Last but not least, if the deadline of a job is so strict and you don’t think you can make it on time, find a freelancer to help you with your work. There are many freelance marketplaces that can provide you with talented professionals.

Be realistic
Make sure the deadline is set in a realistic context, depending on your work and time you have available. Very flexible deadlines will help you become more productive and certainly not the unrealistic deadlines!

Identify the important parts of a project
As you set your deadlines, learn to set and point out “key” parts of your project. Use your time well and think carefully how to start every project.

Rewarded yourself
Each time you manage to be on time to deliver a job, make sure to reward yourself.When working according to your deadlines means that you have more time for yourself.Use this time to do something that makes you happy (eg read a comic) and fills your energy for the next few days.

Be flexible
Deadlines are very important in all our work and are effective when we manage to deliver our work on time but do not forget that there is always the unexpected factor which you can never predict. If something unexpected happens, be flexible. If you need to change the deadline, tell your customer immediately and plan your time accordingly.



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