SEO Tips for Begginers

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This is a complete SEO techniques list aimed to provide a guide for everyone to use. If you have recently launched your website, then you would need a bit on SEO, this little guide will help you in bringing more traffic to your website. Rank higher in search engines with SEO.

1- Web content

For the very first time, when Google will index your URL, it will note some things in your website, which are:

a. The content which you have on your website, either its original or not, is it copied, well written, unique and most importantly, does it adhere to what was mentioned in the backlink? Hence your web content must be unique, not copied and must be free from errors. While floating backlinks, make sure that you use keywords, content and other stuff which your website actually has.

For instance, if you have used a keyword “dogs” and this has been hyperlinked back to your website’s home page (backlink). When Google will index your website with reference of this particular keyword “dogs”, it will see that whether your home page has any content, information or alike about “dogs” or not?

Hence you must use White hat SEO techniques, the one which is genuine and original, if not then Google is smart enough to ban your website.

b. Other things include: titles, headings, Meta tags, description and other stuff. All of them must be completely optimized and we call them On Page SEO techniques.

2- Press release

Press releases are a very good way for promoting your new business or website or a blog. A single paid press release can bring thousands of new visitors to your website. However, you can also use a free press release as well. Search for free and paid press release submission websites and register with a few of them. Your press release must be well written and it must have something for the journalist to attract them.

3- Directory submissions

Submitting your website to directories is one of the best ways to promote your website and one of the easiest as well as best SEO services technique. Submitting your new website to some PR 4 and above directories would surely help your website in getting in the search engines.

4- Social bookmarking

It’s another new yet very useful tool for promoting and getting new visitors. There are many social bookmarking websites. Integrating your website with Facebook and twitter is a good way of socializing.

5- Article submissions

Don’t forget to submit articles at article directories, there are many article submitting software, article writing services providers, free as well as paid article directories and of course freelance writers to help you out. It is perhaps the most important SEO technique if used wisely. Again, emphasize on quality, not on quantity. EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticlesBase are some of the good places where you can submit your articles for free.

All of the above techniques are so simple that can be done from you, but i strongly advice you to get a freelance SEO Specialist or a SEO company to help you out with that, if you really want to keep your site or blog highly ranked.

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