Blogging 101

If you sum up the blogs that are published each day of the year, you would be surprised. They are literaly thousands. Every blogger that respects himself, tries to design it by himself or with a help of a freelancer, tries to add functionality that distinguishes the blog from all the others and tries to tell his friends about it.
What is wrong with that?
Let’s see. You or a professional freelancer designed it.
You or a freelance programmer added bits of functionality here and there.
Your friends surely told their friends about it and it should get viral in some days.
You left the most important part into the hands of your friends? Are they SEO or marketing experts?

  • Then you need to read this list in order to make your blog widely known.
  • Submit your blog to directories.
  • Tell to everyone you know about your webpage.
  • Contact other bloggers and ask them to link to your site. Give them either a link back or something that you discussed.
  • Create a contest and give away gifts. A proven promotion technique.
  • Let other bloggers write in your blog.
  • Create a newsletter and let others know.
  • Use the Social media to communicate with potential followers.
  • Last but not least, always remember to create great content that others would like to link to.

Create your blog’s authority one step at a time!


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