Blogging tips for newcomers.

· Freelance Writing
  • Select a subject to write based on what you know.

You should know what you are writing about. If you think for a while, this is what you are going to write about for a long time. You could save yourself time and effort if you select an area that you are competitive with, both in knowledge and experience. Your readers are the ones that will grade you here. They will either enjoy your writing or forget it immediately and move on. Confused blogger

  •  Manage your time and don’t let it slip away.

You will be self-employed. You will be the boss of yourself. You won’t have anyone else to remind you of the tasks you have to do. It is crucial that you stick to a well organized plan and go for it.
As a blogger you will have many tasks each day. You have to schedule them and spread them evenly in time. This way if you are bored of a task you could start doing another.
Creating regular posts in your blog, will make your audience waiting for more each day and that way you will have more visits.

  •  Don’t overdo it.

Have you not ever been in a crammed blog? A blog that is full of do hickies and do gizmos. A blog that loses its point of existence through its various little things presented to the reader.
Keep it as simple as possible and stick to a well organized style. Sometimes less is more.

  • Don’t be anxious.

When you publish your blog, it will take some considerable time to become known. Search engines need their time to index it. Readers need time to find it. You can help it become famous. One step at a time. Legitimately.

You might be a good writer and youmay not trust anybody else but you have to admit it. You simply cannot manage all the writing by yourself. Have you ever heard of guest blogging? You let others write articles in your blog and you give them links to their sites back. This is a win – win situation.

  • Do not forget about social media.

Every blogger should have at least one account in every social media site possible. Facebook, twitter, orkut, linkedin, you name it. All give you the tools to create a following of readers. A tool to advertise with no cost your blog and articles.
Always remember to have a sharing function on all of your pages. You know the buttons that help readers share the article they are currently reading.

  •  Be patient and do not rush changes.

Whenever you want to make a change to your blog, always remember to test first. Are all your pages showing up correctly? Do you have any dead links? Is every image accessible? You can ask a professional to help you. A php programmer or a web designer could prove really heplful.
Then make an assesment. Is your site easy to navigate? Are the colors suitable for your blog? Do you give at least 2 navigation options?

  • Do not forget to add some details about you.

An about page that is. It would be also nice to include a photo of you.


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