How to pick a domain name for your company.

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One day you come up with the idea to create a website for your company. You have thought about the things you want to add in your webpage. The news of your company, the products you sell, the services you provide. You then think about your websites looks. You hire a freelancer to create a great theme, with SEO optimizations and catchy colors. You even hire php programmers and database coders. The site rocks and is as fast as nothing you had imagined. You think you are ok and doing just fine. Everybody that is seeing your test site is amazed. You decide to make it public. And then you go out to buy your company’s name as a domain name.

Find a domain name with the help of freelancers.

Domain names that suit you?

Who did this? Who bought YOUR domain name? Can a lawyer do something? Can you pay the other side to give you your name?
The answer is harsh. There is little to no hope for you. But all is not lost. You could try to search for a different TLD (top level domain). You wanted the .com TLD but what about the .net, .biz,, .tv ?They could suit you well. The thing is that not everybody types the url into the address bar of his browser, anymore. Most users search for sites through search engines. Even if they know the company’s name. In that way the TLD does not play such a significant role anymore. The name instead, is very important.

But how do you select your company’s domain name?
If your company is called ACME or a three letter variant of IBM, you are good to go. Short names are catchy and people tend to remember them easily. But what can you do if your company’s name is a long one consisting of many words? Maybe you should try and keep its initials.
This way you can build a short domain name and enjoy all the advantages that come with it. If you are not lucky enough and you need or have to use a long domain name, worry not. Try and keep the most important parts of it. If you are a car service company, be sure to keep car and service inside the domain name.

Domain names are your address in the internet. Try and keep it simple and everyone will remember it!



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