Google Drive – Your Files When And Where You Want Them!

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Google Drive
Your Files, Any Time

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Introducing the all-new Google Drive. Now access your files, even the big ones, from wherever you are. Share them with whomever you want, and edit them together in real-time. Learn more at

Your document list is now part of Google Drive. Watch this short video to learn about syncing your stuff with the desktop application, creating and sharing files, new views and simplified navigation, and more.
Google’s entry into the cloud storage space comes belatedly, on the heels of many other services. A lot of fuss is currently being made about the terms of service issues and it remains to see how that will settle out.

While currently absent, Linux support is on the way (to go with Mac, PC, iOS & Android support already). Backupify, the service I use for backing up many of my social accounts (highly recommended), is now capable of backing up Google Docs (to go with their ability to back up many social sites, Gmail, Google Apps and more).

It remains to be seen how well Google can differentiate their services from the leading competition (DropBox). However, the ease of using Google Docs, cross-platform, now makes this a very tempting solution for those frustrated by the challenges of syncing and using Word/Excel etc on mobile devices.

Want to compare cloud storage systems? Ars Technica has a great platform and cost comparison.

While I’m still keeping an eye on the TOS issues, I am certain this will drastically increase my use of Google Docs due to my mobile needs. (I’m also certain that the base level security trumps the huge security holes that DropBox will never patch and allows access to files that should be private.)

Do you use any cloud based file services?

~ Kim ~
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