A Reputation Builder Used By The Pros (That Most Bloggers Overlook!)

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Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills….
And Hidden Magic In The WordPress Comments…

You probably already know that blog commenting can build your brand…. but with a subtle twist you really turn up the results!

Plus, you can get this additional boost to your results with no additional cost, only a little additional work and the only tool you might need is a notepad or Reader to keep track of sites you can use it on!


If you’ve been doing blog commenting as a traffic generation method for any time at all… you’re likely kicking yourself for missing this little twist!

I suggest keeping either a notepad file or a Reader folder of blogs that meet the criteria of using an email based auto-email on reply system such as ReplyMe (many top blogs do) and that has a high enough PageRank/Alexa/Traffic for you to want to keep an eye on.

This will not work as well with sites that depend on the commentor to have subscribed to ALL the comments, as your comment will be lost in the flood in the receivers inbox. I also suggest utilizing it on mid-range PR sites, which are big enough to benefit you, but small enough that your actions stand out and can be appreciated.

Google may actually be planning to further the importance of well constructed comment engagement (and their own comment system) with influencer scoring of comments in the near future.

I hope it would go without saying the high importance of answering comments on your OWN blog (and taking advantage of a plugin like ReplyMe to ensure your visitor SEES your comments). That, admittedly is something I sometimes struggle with but which makes a huge impact when done right.

Again, the whole purpose of the comment system, is to build a conversation, not create dead-ends. When you learn to leverage this – both as a blog owner – and a blog visitor – you can accomplish a lot!

~ Kim ~
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