Creating Great Screenshot Graphics

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This is me creating graphics… I adore SnagIt Editor (from TechSmith, the Camtasia folks) for this type of work. Available for Mac and PC both.

However, if I just need a super fast screenshot, I simply use the “Snipping Tool” built right into Windows 7 and available under Start ->Accessories -> Snipping Tool. It however lacks the advanced editing tools that SnagIt makes super-duper easy.

Screenshot GraphicsThe snipping tool is really awesome. In fact it initially made me poo-poo the idea of using SnagIt… but now I find a lot of uses for SnagIt in addition to the Snipping Tool. It’s really the best of all words and lets me be both fast with making stuff yet ability to do nice editing work.

I found SnagIt to be much more suited to my needs in social marketing than alternative (but rated) products such as Jing.

SnagIt also handles video and a lot of other stuff as well (and recently got a nice update), but that’s a topic for another post!

~ Kim ~
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PS: That’s not an affiliate link. Normally I’d link you to Amazon but I live in one of those states that Amazon has left. However, if you decide to buy, you might inquire if anyone you know is able to get you an Amazon link. Help your friends and mentors out!

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