How to Use PLR to Build Traffic To Your Website

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Building Website Traffic
With Private Label Rights
Sometimes a lack of time to create fresh content for your target audience really can put a damper on your day!
You have to get traffic to your website, and you need to work on drawing traffic to your website on pretty much every single business day until the site is established enough to do some coasthing.
Thankfully, there is a way that you can supplement your personal content while still feeding your hungry audience AND building traffic!
One really great way is to use PLR, which stands for Private Label Rights content. PLR is “jump start” content that takes the pre-planning and brainstorming out of content creation. It gives you the benefit of someone elses brainstorming, ideas and organization of the post while being designed for you to add your special touches and voice to it.
PLR is just one of several ways to get and keep traffic that I cover in my new report, “Traffic Building System: How to Get More Targeted Traffic to Your Website“.
You can purchase private label that is text content, video content, eBooks, eReports, eCourses, and more. Whatever you want, it’s out there. The real key to using PLR is to 1) USE IT and 2) Use it properly. I’ll also add that starting with high quality PLR makes a world of difference. You’d be surprised at how many people buy PLR and never, ever use it. You’d also be shocked to know that most people don’t know how to use PLR in the most effective way.
Here’s some tips to get you started…
Never use PLR as Written — Always rewrite PLR. (Learn how to do that here.) Add your own keywords, your own voice, and ensure that nothing written is wrong or out of date. Run it through, or a program like to ensure that your content that is created is original. You might think that is strange, but you can create completely original content using PLR if you use it as a starting off point, and rewrite in your own voice, with your targeted audience in mind and using your keywords. Generally 30% unique content is the definition of original and I prefer the bulk of that to be at the beginning and ending to “frame” the content.
Repurpose PLR — If you get PLR that is written, try turning it into informative videos. Video is an excellent way to attract targeted visitors to your website. You can post them on first, then use the code provided by and post directly on your blog if you want to. You can also break apart a PLR eBook and turn it into separate emails for your list or a viral eBook that you allow readers to pass on to others. Don’t forget that you can use quotes from all of the above in tweets, Facebook updates, and other social media. Each piece of PLR carries a license (and almost all of them are different). Consult the license before purchase to find out what you can or can not do with that particular piece.
Use PLR for Brainstorming — Sometimes we just get stuck when we are creating content day after day. If you have a good source of quality PRL you can use the PLR as a jumping off point. If you have a good source for PLR you can usually be pretty sure that what is written is accurate, so you can skip the research phase and go straight to writing about the topic at hand. Many times you can get five or more blog posts or articles out of one PLR article if you use the PLR as research. Alternatively, I often turn a dozen pieces of PLR into about four or five blog posts by blending them together and weeding out the weaker segments. Add some finishing touches and you’re good to go.
When you honor these rules then almost all of the “downsides” of PLR completely vanish and you’re left with a happy audience, more social shares and more traffic! Win! In the 3 Biggest Mistakes PLR Buyers Make you’ll see these same sentiments repeated by others!
Learn 7 additional tips to build traffic to your site here.
PLR is my life-saver to help me keep up my site volume while allowing me to “essentially” sneak in a week away from the blog to work on other parts of my marketing funnel from time to time. I prepare, edit and scheduling them in advance, mixing them with some original content I’ve also precrafted.
When you start with high quality PLR that is well targeted to your audience/niche then the only “magic” required is to do a good rewrite/edit and hit publish!
~ Kim ~
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PS: Curious where my favorite PLR comes from? Check out Melissa Ingold (Special Report Club), Nicole Dean (Easy PLR), Alice Seba (DIY PLR), Tiffany Dow (PLR Mini Mart), (mixed quality), and lastly (cheapest but often not best quality). I’m a proud affiliate of most of these and if you make a purchase they are obligated by law to buy me a cheeseburger

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