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Work at Home Statistics

Working at Home Statistics by Work at Home If you thinking of starting a freelance career, visit and start freelancing! Advertisements

Originally posted on Wicked Interesting Blog:
The demand for freelance contractors significantly increased in the last 10 years, but the supply of web developers, graphic designers, blog writers, virtual assistants and online marketers is still insufficient.  It seems that as more companies and entrepreneurs realize the value of outsourcing jobs to skilled internet-based workers, employees…

5 things destroying your creativity and how to overcome them

Multi-tasking and various distractions Apart from few exceptions, no man can do many different things at the same time really effectively. It is terribly difficult (nearly impossible) to concentrate on one project as well as attempting to answer e-mails, answer the phone ringing like crazy or speak with anyone around you. The solution is one: […]

How Deadlines Can Make You More Productive

  To begin with i would like to talk about how time pressure can help us become more efficient. The logic behind a brief but productive workday is based on the psychology of time or else the idea of the deadline. Deadlines help us focus on the most important parts of a project. When we […]

5 ways to find customers quickly

There are times when you need money immediately, but the projects are not showing up. As we know, in order for you to avoid such situations it is good to get income from multiple sources, but this is not always easy. Despair and anxiety is not a good advisor, so let’s look at five (5) […]

6 Ways To Make More Money

It is crucial for a freelancer to have income from various sources. For example, what would you do if you your income come from  a few clients and 1 or 2 of them , for any reason, decide to stop working with you? Multiplying your sources of revenue is never easy, but it doesn’t mean […]

Which Freelance should i choose?

Many marketplaces connecting small businesses and freelancers have emerged in the last decade all over the world and they seem to be empowered by the difficult economic landscape and the liberalization of global marketplace. In this post i will focus a little bit more on  PeoplePerHour  a relativly new freelance site. So, what is […]

To Freelance or not to Freelance?

New technologies, digitization and the World Wide Web, have brought major changes not only in people’s life but also to the way we do business. They have changed people’s behavior, needs, desires and habits not only as individuals but also as consumers, pushing business to adjust and drawing a new business canvas. The adaption of […]