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Contract Terms Every Freelance Writer Should Know

written by Maya Smart Whew! Landing that new client was a boon to your bottom line. However, now the editor is asking you to sign a freelance contract that’s packed with legal terms you’ve never seen before (or haven’t paid much attention to). To help you protect your business, we put together this short list […]

How To Set the Canonical URL for a Post or Page in WordPress

Define the “Original Source” To Protect SEO Using the Canonical Setting When ever we utilize a piece of duplicate content – whether on our own site or cross-site – its important to consider what we tell Google about that piece. If you are reblogging a piece of content, the canonical field is the “SEO correct” […]

Ten Characteristics of Successful Freelance Writers

Anyone can become a freelance writer. But successful “working” freelance writers all share ten characteristics. If your freelance writing career isn’t what you’d like for it to be, maybe you need to develop a few more of these characteristics. 1. A “working” freelance writer writes on a regular basis. That should be no surprise. But […]

Blogging 101

If you sum up the blogs that are published each day of the year, you would be surprised. They are literaly thousands. Every blogger that respects himself, tries to design it by himself or with a help of a freelancer, tries to add functionality that distinguishes the blog from all the others and tries to […]

Blogging tips for newcomers.

Select a subject to write based on what you know. You should know what you are writing about. If you think for a while, this is what you are going to write about for a long time. You could save yourself time and effort if you select an area that you are competitive with, both […]

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An abundance of opportunities is always present in the freelance writing world. There are a lot of writer jobs for articles, blogs and similar online contents. There are also a lot of freelance writers swarming in the cyber world. However, there are only a few freelance writers who actually…

6 Freelance Writing Niches

When you first begin as a freelance writer your whole business plan is about landing clients. You bid on projects that you do not find appealing just to gain experience. In fact, when you first begin freelance writing you are willing to do whatever it takes to build that portfolio and pay your bills. The […]

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Here you can proof yourself as professional and corporative web content write. Build a site and keep on writing in different subject Always competitive war goes on between web content writer and freelance web content writer. Web content writer works in particular office in certain project with fixed salary where freelance…

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A freelance worker or writes is someone who is self-employed or working independently and they are not committed to anyone for a long time. A person who is wishing to be a freelance writer, wants to know actually what is mean by working freely as well as the challenges that they…