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Creating Great Screenshot Graphics

This is me creating graphics… I adore SnagIt Editor (from TechSmith, the Camtasia folks) for this type of work. Available for Mac and PC both. However, if I just need a super fast screenshot, I simply use the “Snipping Tool” built right into Windows 7 and available under Start ->Accessories -> Snipping Tool. It however lacks the […]

How to Use PLR to Build Traffic To Your Website

Building Website Traffic With Private Label Rights Sometimes a lack of time to create fresh content for your target audience really can put a damper on your day! You have to get traffic to your website, and you need to work on drawing traffic to your website on pretty much every single business day until […]

A Reputation Builder Used By The Pros (That Most Bloggers Overlook!)

Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills…. And Hidden Magic In The WordPress Comments… You probably already know that blog commenting can build your brand…. but with a subtle twist you really turn up the results! Plus, you can get this additional boost to your results with no additional cost, only a little additional work and the only […]

Social Media – It’s Getting More and More Important by the Day

Upward Bound On The Social Train! One of the most prominent trends in internet marketing today is the trend of social media. Social media is getting rapidly increasing in important. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur working from your house or a Fortune 500 company, you simply cannot afford to ignore social media anymore. ==> Studies Show Buying […]

How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name [Updated For Large Pages!]

How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name Facebook Now Offers *Two* Ways To Change Your Business Page Name Updated: 5/5/2012 Please Note: These methods do NOT change the custom vanity URL (username) for the Page, which currently remains completely non-changeable. What the Rules on Fan Page Name Changing Used To Be Prior to the […]

Contract Terms Every Freelance Writer Should Know

written by Maya Smart Whew! Landing that new client was a boon to your bottom line. However, now the editor is asking you to sign a freelance contract that’s packed with legal terms you’ve never seen before (or haven’t paid much attention to). To help you protect your business, we put together this short list […]

Work at Home Statistics

Working at Home Statistics by Work at Home If you thinking of starting a freelance career, visit and start freelancing!

All About Freelance Translation Jobs

As technology makes our world smaller, many businesses choose to promote themselves beyond the borders of the English-speaking world. This means translating their marketing materials into one or more different languages. Do you write or read in a language other than English? If so, you can tap into individuals, colleges, and businesses seeking your services […]

Freelance Translation Vs Agency Translation – What’s the Difference?

The decision to hire a freelance translator or use a translation agency can have a dramatic effect on the quality and accuracy of the product you receive. That’s why it’s important to know what you get when you hire an agency, and what you may not get if you go with a freelance translator. First, […]

NoScript – Making The Web A Safer Place

Introducing NoScript & NotScript: Better Browser Hygiene! A lot of components go into playing safe on the web. Things like using a router or hardware firewall, using a high quality antivirus (I suggest Avast), maintaining file backups (check out Mozy & Dropbox), insisting on SSL connections, selecting a safer browser…. … and then beefing up […]